Be happy with your screen time (for good)

Save time and focus better with screen time journaling, smart app blocking and more.

Has your phone become your worst enemy?

It shouldn't. Let us explain how Jomo can help you.
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Healthy screen time, made easy.

Develop a more balanced phone use − in the long term.

📓 Screen time journaling

Take 2 minutes each day to reflect on the activities you have performed on your phone and how you felt about them (are you satisfied or not?).

🔒 10+ ready-to-use blocking methods

Jomo offers the most comprehensive system of screen time rules on iOS. Find the method(s) that suit you from a gallery of templates that will help you make better use of your phone in the long term.

🌱 Smart healthy alternatives

Blocking distractions without thinking about what to replace them with is often useless and discouraging. On Jomo, healthy alternatives are suggested to you right when you need them.

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This is the best way to self-manage your screen time! The app is easy to pick up and helps me reconnect with myself."
"If you're one of those people who have a hard time putting aside distracting apps to study or exercise, it's definitely for you. 🫶"
"Now I start and end my day without distractions so I can have time for myself. I can't recommend this app enough! 😌"


How are you different from app blockers?
We don’t just “block apps”. Jomo helps you set up smart rules to improve how you use your phone in the long term (get started with one of our 10+ battle-tested methods). On top of that, Jomo helps you reflect on what you want to use your phone for so you can make it work for you, not against you.
Why do I need to regularly reflect on my screen time?
Your phone can be amazing and empowering if you can make it work for you, not against you. This is why it’s important to reflect on which activities you’ve done on your phone and how it made your feel. In the end, you will able to focus your screen time towards achieving your goals and supporting things you value. That’s how you will (finally) be happy with your screen time!
Why would I pay for this if Apple’s Screen Time is free?
Apple's Screen Time is useful for simple tracking and limits. But for most of us who struggle with excessive phone use, it isn’t going to solve our problem in the long term. Jomo is the first app that helps you reflect on how you use your phone so you can (finally) be happy with your screen time. It also comes with the most complete screen time rules system on iOS, including 10+ ready-to-use methods, sessions, conditions, strict mode, integrations (focus modes and shortcuts) and widgets.
I can’t stick to screen time restrictions, how Jomo is going to help me?
On Jomo, you won’t block apps for the sake of it. You will learn to set up smart and sensible rules that help you use your phone better in the long term. For example, block your most distracting apps (games or social media) continuously and take short intentional breaks when you need to = immediate results with no frustration. Phone detoxes don’t work, Jomo does.
Does it work on my other devices?
Jomo is only available on iOS for now. You can use it on both iPhone and iPad.
Can I trust you with my screen time data?
Jomo connects automatically with Apple’s Screen Time. Your screen time data stays on your iPhone where it remains private to you.
Is Jomo free?
Jomo offers a generous free tier. If you want access to all features, you can become a Jomo Plus member for 2 dollars per month. By becoming a Jomo Plus member, you can build and maintain better phone habits in the long term. Stop paying hundred of dollars on temporary hacks and marketing fairy dust. Support our small team and help us build a product that helps people kick ass in a way they find meaningful.